About Us

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Mission and Vision

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Our founder

Queenie Brixton

Queenie Brixton is a seasoned empowerment coach with a profound expertise in guiding successful business owners towards new heights of achievement and fulfillment. With over a decade of experience in coaching and a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial journey, Queenie has empowered countless individuals to overcome self-limiting beliefs, embrace their authentic leadership, and create thriving businesses that align with their values. Her unique approach blends strategic insights, mindset shifts, and actionable techniques, enabling her clients to unleash their full potential, achieve remarkable success, and experience a profound sense of purpose. Queenie’s unwavering commitment to her clients’ growth, coupled with her genuine passion for empowering others, has made her a sought-after coach and a catalyst for transformation in the business world.

The people who make
it all happen

The Team


Alma Rodrigo, Operations


Sae Munns, Business Coach


Bianca Smyth, Life Coach


Rose Dizon, Life Coach


Mica Beach, Developer


Kate Upton, Graphic Designer


Mae Lovett, Life Coach


Francine Griggs, Financial Coach

Core values

It’s All About the Joy for Us

Purpose-Driven: We believe in the power of purpose and are committed to guiding individuals towards discovering their unique calling, aligning their work with their passions, and making a meaningful impact in the world.

Joyful Pursuit: We embrace the belief that joy is an essential ingredient for success and fulfillment. We encourage individuals to find joy in their work, foster a positive mindset, and cultivate a sense of enthusiasm and fulfillment in everything they do.

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